Daemon tools lite stuck updating virtual devices

This guide is meant to replace Novice’s Guide to Setting up a Crypto-Currency Mining Pool Why the update?

MPOS (Mining Portal Open Source) is very old now and NOMP (Node Open Mining Portal) has branched off into another project called u NOMP (Unified, Node Open Mining Portal).

I took time to mention relevant and exhaustive information, so you don’t need to go through all Google results and workarounds that I already read and tested with no success.

After this long synopsis, let’s put the pieces together.

Q: How to know that the headset is disconnected: Mine emits 2 short beeps.

You can also see it in the console: [ pi 924 0.0 0.0 1912 92 ?

Let’s go back to Pulse Audio, display current sound cards.

I choose to build the version 6 to avoid unwanted new features that may need extra work and dependencies.

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