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The build up of toxic materials within the bowel can cause a condition known as auto-intoxication as the poisons in the bowel are absorbed into the blood stream, which ends up toxicating the entire body. It's no secret that the foremost reasons are improper eating and exercise habits.Modern civilization, especially the industrialized nations, have the greatest bowel disturbances.If the sewer ever backs up, dangerous health problems occur!Similarly in the human body, big health problems can stem from major blockages and toxic build up that occur over time in the digestive system.Use the other hand to massage the lower left side of the abdomen for several minutes. Roll onto your back for 5 minutes, massaging up the descending colon, over the transverse colon to the right side and down the ascending colon.Then move onto your right side for 5 minutes, in order to reach each part of the colon. Sticky grey-brown mucous, small dark crusty chunks or tough ribbony pieces are usually loosened and expelled during an enema.

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The digestive system can shut down if it becomes clogged with toxic residue because of nutritionally deficient "food-less foods" and "life-less drinks" ingested regularly over time.

Hold the juice for ten minutes while massaging the colon area. Both colonics and enemas are effective in a detox program.

Benefits are a matter of degree but they’re dramatically different, both in terms of waste removed and body improvement. If you want to cleanse all of it you need a colonic irrigation. A colonic irrigation uses special equipment and gravity (or oxygen for more control) to give your colon an internal bath.

There is no discomfort, no internal pressure, just a steady gentle water flow in and then out of the colon through the evacuation tube, carrying with it impacted faeces and mucous.

Unlike an enema, a colonic irrigation does not involve the retention of water.

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