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This fierce competition reached its peak in the 1890’s and continued apace into the new century, tailing off around 1909 for budget reasons, and then the Great War intervened.

To our left is the Tontine Hotel, established in 1783 after the Tontine Society purchased the original buildings and converted them into a hotel.As well as catering to travellers, the Tontine Hotel was renowned for its coffee room which proved very popular as a place to conduct business, while its assembly rooms hosted regular social meetings and dances.Next to the hotel is where the original Tolbooth building used to stand, housing the Town Clerk’s office, the council chamber, and the city jail.) Another First for Glasgow – the Police Public Call Box This postcard shows a police public call box on Hyndland Road, circa 1905.Glasgow was the first place to install such boxes in the British Isles, beginning in 1891.

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