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Among other major alterations, the floors, whether painted parquetry or stone tile, were ripped up and replaced with white-oak boards, ensuring a seamless continuity between rooms; glass-and-metal planes were added in the form of double doors and interior partitions; and the upper level was reconfigured so that a skylit space (formerly a small gym) could become the dressing room of Berkus’s dreams.The brick-walled family room had been coated floor to ceiling in white paint.Collaborating with architectural designer Carlos Huber, Berkus spearheaded an aesthetic overhaul that, given typical timelines, might as well have occurred overnight.In less than three months, the apartment had been renovated and decorated.Everything is where it ought to be—and now so is Nate Berkus.Establish continuity: Replacing a patchwork of parquetry and tile with oak floorboards laid in a classic herringbone pattern created seamless transitions between the first-floor rooms and achieved a harmonious look overall.“I felt like I was living on a shelf.”His current address, discovered after several restless nights searching real-estate listings, was far from perfect when he found it, distinguished not by venerable millwork or original fixtures but by walls of whitewashed brick.

Artistic from an early age, he started his career as a self-taught designer.

Berkus bought the apartment, in a 19th-century Greenwich Village building, in 2011, after a period of renting a loftlike space in a mod Jean Nouvel–designed tower overlooking the Hudson River.

“I always had this New York fantasy of living in a glass high-rise,” he says, adding that he relocated from Chicago three years ago to film (no longer in production).

If I don’t feel at home in my space, then I feel really unmoored.” For him, also seems to mean a group of discrete interiors imbued with exceptional functionality.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in his dressing room, superbly appointed with painted floor-to-ceiling cabinets custom made to contain every element of his stylish wardrobe.

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