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We aren’t passengers in our life, and we aren’t victims to a greater culture or trend.Despite how it may sometimes feel, we always have the right (and capacity) to control our situation and social and romantic scenarios.Ultimately, it’s not about the social shifts that are born as a result of technology or generational mindsets.It’s about the way we navigate that culture while keeping our own needs, desires and sense of self intact.Having problems locating a lady (or gentleman) to do your erotic bidding in the Sin City of the North?Consult this quickie for tips on taming the lusty locals!As I, myself, navigate the dating realm in Toronto — I’ve remained, for the most part, single since moving downtown — I’ve become incredibly familiar with the dating and sexual culture that largely dominates our understanding of millennial relationships.It’s no secret; I write about it all the time, and my potential male suitors often find themselves nervously asking “Um, you’re not going to write about this, are you?

We can change the game we experience, if we want to. We just need to start actually talking about it all.We are constantly expressing ourselves via apps, social media and more, but we’re often more infatuated with illusions and perceptions than the substance that exists underneath it.I think, more often than not, we need to check ourselves and break away from the distractions of new social norms and expectations to have an open conversation with ourselves.Many of us may find ourselves trying to carefully tip-toe out of an unfamiliar apartment into a waiting Uber, after waking up to last night’s (likely vodka-fuelled) decision.Many of us may find ourselves becoming jaded, shifting the baggage of past, failed conquests or the knowledge of our friend’s exploits onto the shoulders of our romantic prospects (even if we shouldn’t). We frequently talk about the cycles of lacklustre and generally shallow, instant-gratification that dating apps provide.

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    The three of us had never had an issue with our age, until men on these sites started to highlight it – be it in messages, in conversation, or in their lock-down filters for girls under 29.

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    But sometimes you hear a song that just perfectly encapsulates your relationship, and you get to be a little disappointed that it didn’t exist when you were making your original picks.